The Aptus network.

Digital creativity

We support companies in their new digital ventures by inventing, creating and developing tools, applications and Internet of Things solutions. We are creative technologists who approach innovation differently: we experiment, tinker and make ideas come to life from the earliest moment possible. We believe in making ideas tangible and interactive.

Aptus project factory

Our project factory crafts tailor-made projects for customers. We execute our work based on the “build - measure - learn” philosophy. The Aptus team takes care of the entire project starting from analysis ending in the on-site implementation and support. Our projects cover the full aspects of digital, from hardware to software.

Aptus end-to-end solutions

When working on differtent projects, we often notice some similarities between them. Some of those similarities can be a seed for an end-to-end solution. We currently have 2 offerings. We have Citysense, a Smart City platform. The second one is OnTheGo, a data aggregation engine for wearables and mHealth devices.

Aptus services

Our services department is your ultimate local sourcing partner. We have some great hard- and software talents available to help you, on-site, with your challenges related to hardware, connectivity and software. We can be a short or longterm solution for staffing your internal teams with external talent. Feel free to reach out for more info.

Aptus innovation lab

The connected world is rapidly evolving. New innovations are popping-up faster than ever. At Aptus we like to be ahead of what’s coming next. We are always on the look for the next big thing. This can be a new manufacturing process, a new programming library, even Blockchain and cryptos are on our radar.