Proudly presenting some of our awesome projects


Aptus, together with Cides from Bruges, created a unique birth gift with a digital extension for Vanhalst. It allows future parents to create an original gift on the occasion of the birth of their baby.

Digitalisation, QR-Code, Cloud, App

Energy Lab Connect

Aptus created a user-friendly platform to make employees in companies more active and live healthier by using a innovative challenge-driven engine.

Wearables, Mobile Health

Connected Lifting

For Handi-move, Aptus created a connected lifting system allowing the technicians to perform wireless diagnosis using a tablet application.

Automation, BLE, App

QelviQ Wine chiller

Qelviq is an innovative wine chiller allowing you to serve your wine at an ideal temperature. Temperature settings are calculated based on Artificial Intelligence using the data of the wine label.

Electronics, Cooling, Cloud, App

Sfinx smartlocks

Sfinx is a solution to manage your smart locks in one app. It connects and integrates different existing smart locks giving you the power to share and manage across brands.

Smart Lock, Cloud, App

ODTH Logistics

For ODTH, a logistics company, we created an optimized and access control system using self-sign kiosk, ANPR, automated gates and an advanced integration with SAP.

ANPR, Kiosk, App, Nedap


For Aqualex, we developed a 360° paper-less workflow for the installation and servicing of their innovative water-delivery offering. We developed a planningtool, mobile workers application, …

Planning, Electronics, ERP, App