Energy Lab Connect

Challenges platform for healthier employees

The Question

Energy Lab, the Belgian reference in the field of sports coaching, came to Aptus with the question to build a platform to stimulate group sports in companies. They dreamed of a bustling community where you save points by completing challenges. Next to that, it needs to be easy to join (group)events and win nice prizes.

Our solution and the advantages

We previously created a platform for health coaching for another client, so we were not on our test piece with what Energy Lab asked us. With 'Energy Lab Connect' we created a user-friendly and accessible platform to make employees in companies more active. They can do this on the basis of training programs and sporting challenges in which they compete against each other, individually or as a team. Companies who so wish can also link a section of nutrition advice to encourage their people to pursue a healthy lifestyle. This generic platform can be customized by Energy Lab for each company, depending on the specific requirements.

A complex engine ensures that intelligent data is retrieved via external platforms (Garmin, Fitbit, Strava, Runkeeper, Start2Run and Moves) and is converted into concrete, understandable information for the user. Also behind the entire system of challenges, save points and win prizes is an ingenious engine, worked out in detail by the Aptus specialists.


What it looks like

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